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มีผู้ชม 2772 ครั้ง
รหัสสินค้า : AJL550SEX

recommendable for fine rubbishes such as casting power up to allen leaves at factory and/or wide areas.



Just push SWEEPER, while walking, then rubbishes can be easily collected.

  • Just push SWEEPER while walking in the factory, street.
    Good for making the circumstances clean.
  • Some models are recommendable to collect pet bottles, and/or empty can.
    (AJL550S/750S)   Good for making the circumstances clean.
  • Sweeping brush can be replaceable.
  • The height of all the models can be adjustable, which makes wider
    collectable opportunities.
  • Two side brushes are equipped as standard parts, when purchased.
  • Side brushes are equipped at both sides for all the models.
    These side brushes work well to collect fine rubbishes.
    The brushes can be easily replaceable.


ECO Sweeper Sizes

Types AJL550S AJL750S AJL920S
A (mm) 700 1,120 1,350
B (mm) 570 750 940
C (mm) 1,350 970 1,060